3104.3 Label.  ICC Revision:

Membrane structures or tents shall have a permanently affixed label bearing the identification of the size and fabric or material type.

-------- IFAI Alternative

3104.3 Label.  Tents, membrane structures, sidewalls, drop and other installed decorative materials, shall have a permanently affixed label bearing the identification and information as follows:

  1. The size of the label shall be a minimum of 6" by 9" using ASTM XXXXXX.
  2. For tents and membrane structures which are not sectional with a nominal square footage of 800 Square Feet  (       ) only one label is necessary per tent or membrane structure , otherwise two labels opposite to each other are required for tents or sectional tents and membrane structures with nominal square equal to or greater than 800 square feet.
  3. For decorative materials, such as tent liners or drapes, an identifying label sufficient in size with a minimum of xx points of typeface shall be sufficient to identify the section.
    1. For decorative materials a label of ownership shall not be required as defined in 3104.3-6.
  4. For sidewall, drops or similar fabric any section  must have a label any sectional sidewall, drop or similar fabric section comprising more than 20 percent of the total area of that piece requires its own label.
  5. Labels shall contain the same information as indicated in 3104.4 for Certification.
  6. A label indicating the owner of, or installer of the tent if different from the user.  This should be a second label following ASTM XXXXX of 6" by 9" in size with information including the owner of the tent, address and contact information.  The number and placement of labels shall be consistent with 3104.3-2


Reason:  This clarifies the need and size of the labels.  For sidewalls tent manufactures and rental companies have argued about the size and number of label.  For two piece sidewalls that have a significant "second" piece a label will be required where this was not clear in the past.  Also then need for multiple labels in sections more than 800 square feet is a new requirement.